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The VTU Extension Center classrooms have a seating capacity ranging from 30 students to 40 students. All classrooms contain whiteboard writing surfaces, tables, chairs, overhead projector, at least one Ethernet port, and wireless access points. Four of our classrooms are air conditioned.

  • All class rooms are smart classrooms with a LCD projector &     Computer System
  • Have two on-line classrooms with 30 computers in each
        classroom where teaching and implementation happen
  • Have access to Internet.
We have library with Text Books: 157 Titles, 801 Numbers

Digital Library IEEE Transactions, Journal and Magazines Other Journals/ Magazines
ACEEE Digital Library IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits EDN
IEEE Digital Library IEEE Spectrum UniTI News Letter
Information and Library Network Centre, Ahmedabad – Gujarat IEEE Solid State Circuits Magazine Design and Implementation of Efficient Transconductance Amplifier for Sigma-Delta ADC
Digital Book Index IEEE Circuits And Systems Magazine Computers
Digital library-Punjab IEEE Nano-Technology Magazine IETE
Nalanda digital library IEEE Signal Processing Society Magazine Digit
Internet public libraries IEEE Signal Processing Content Gazette
Cornell University Library (Physics, Mathematics, Non-linear Physics, Computer Science) IEEE Design and Test
NDLTD – Networked Digital Library of Theses And Dissertations IEEE Embedded Systems Letters
University of California- CDL (California Digital Library) IEEE transactions on Circuits and Systems
EdITLib- Education & Information Technology Digital Library IEEE transactions on VLSI Systems
Indian Journal of Science and Technology IEEE transactions on Communication

The VTU Extension Center has three seminar halls have a seating capacity ranging from 8 students to 15 students. All seminar halls contain whiteboard writing surfaces, tables, chairs, overhead projector, at least one Ethernet port, and wireless access points. All our seminar halls are air conditioned providing for a good environment for students to discuss and ideate.

Consolidated List of Computers

S.No Configuration OS QTY
1 SUN Server, Sparc3, 750MHz*2, 3 GB RAM, 78 GB HOD, TPPORT,LG-DVD Sun Solaris 10.0 1
2 SUN Server,Sparc3, 750MHz*2, 4 GB RAM, 78 G8 HDD, TPPORT,LG-DVD Sun Solaris 10.0 4
3 SUN Storage Device A 1000 Na 1
4 LINUXCAD- Linux Server Linux 1
5 INTEL Core i3, 3.01GHz, 4 GB DOR , 500GB HOD, TPPORT, Samsung-DUD Windows XP 64 -bit 32
6 INTEL Core 2 Duo, 2.9 GHz, 268 DDR, 160 GB HOD Windows XP PRO 1
7 INTEL PIV Dual, 2.5 GHz, 2 GB DDR, 160 GB HOD, LG-DVD Windows XP PRO 4
8 INTEL PIV Dual, 2.8 GHz, 512 MB DDR, 8008 HOD Windows XP PRO 1
9 INTEL PIV Dual, 2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HOD, LG.DVD Linux 9.0 1
Total 46

Details of Available Legal Software

S.No SW/HW Functionality
1 Cadence EDA Tool Suite Includes all products that incorporate the IC nanometer design, Verification & ASIC Platforms
2 Modelsim XE Student Version Supports Simulation & Verification environment for VHDL, Verilog, System C & System Verilog
3 Xilinx ISE Design Suite Webpack A Complete front to back design flow providing HDL Synthesis & Simulation
4 Matlab & Simulink Student Version Supports Communication & Signal Processing design scenarios
5 PSPICE 9.1 Student Version Design & Simulation of Analog & Digital Circuits

List of Lab Equipments

S.No Particulars Quantity
1 FPGA Spartan - 2E Kit 2 Nos
2 FPGA Virtex - XCV50 Kit 1 Nos
3 PLD Kit 1 Nos
4 FPGA Spartan -6 FPGA SP601 1 Nos
5 FPGA Spartan -3E Nexus -2 2 Nos
6 ARM7 Training Kits 4 Nos
7 ARM9 Development Boards with Graphic LCD Display 1 Nos
8 ARM10 Development Board with Touch Screen Interface 1 Nos

Have dedicated 2 mbps Wi-Fi Connectivity in the Whole Campus

The satellite-based interactive narrow casting network has one-way video and two-way audio facility. The network is capable of data transfer from the teaching end to the remote classrooms. The data includes lecture notes, courseware, presentation material, exercises etc. The network consists of three major elements: teaching end, remote receiving sites called classrooms and spacecraft.

  • Teaching End
  • The teaching end consists of a small studio and an uplink earth station. The studio, which originates live or recorded lectures, is linked to the uplink earth station. The lectures (visual images and the audio signal) are transmitted to the satellite from where they are beamed back to earth covering a large geographical area, for instance, entire Karnataka. The 6.3-metre antenna for uplink has been installed in DSERT campus at Bangalore

  • Receiving End or Classroom
  • The live lectures are received at classrooms of the colleges. The 1.2-meter antenna has been installed in the college to receive the signal.

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